Platform in to the Next Generation good profit
Masternode static reward 3 Coin - 190 Coin, 95% for Masternode
Stake static reward 0.2 Coin - 10 Coin 5% for stake

Decentralized, Super Easy Masternode, Maximizing Return of Investment by Gambling, Making Ecosystem

What is

The Delirium Masternode Construction System allows you to build Delirium Masternodes and other masternodes through Delirium Coin, and investors can conveniently use all contents of the platform through Delirium Coin.

Why ?

The chronic “de-display”

"Entrance barriers" due to complex software operations and high deployment costs, credible "absence of relay platforms"

It was created to solve the lack of content to be poured out.

Easy to consist masternode

1. Exchange
2. SEND DLC Wallet to Other
3. Consist of Automatic Masternode.

Easy to consist masternode

Masternode Required 10000 DLC

Look at our adventages

Easy to used
First and

Delirium Masternode
Compensation Distribution Economic Model

You can get a return of investment (ROI) through the built-up Delirium master node. If you use another Delirium coin Once constructed, investors can receive ROI in two forms. Investors can tailor ROI payments to their investment preferences and circumstances. You can make a strategic choice. Through the image, we propose an economic model of new compensation distribution system.

Coin synthesis system

Coin synthesis system is a game content that can acquire a higher price cryptocurrency with a random probability by putting a total of four cryptocurrencies.

Coin Random Box

Coin random box is a funny content that can acquire random coins with a simple click, unlike coin synthesis system. Similarly, information is stored in blocks, making it impossible to manipulate the probability. In addition, if you acquire a coin below B grade, the probability of obtaining a higher grade coin increases, which is cumulatively applied. This is because investors may feel frustrated if they try to open the same coin box several times and keep getting coins below b grade. Therefore, the player who attempts it several times will have the corresponding advantage.

Random coin rullette

Percentage Coin Name
S Rating 0.10% 1 BTC
0.20% 0.8 BTC
0.30% 0.5 BTC
0.70% 0.3 BTC
A Rating 1.50% 2 ETH
3.00% 1 ETH
6.10% 0.5 ETH
B Rating 12.50% 5 EOS
25% 3 EOS
C Rating 50.60% 100 XRP

Delirium Reward System

Reward system where the user can earn a reward for keeping their coin in the wallet, all they have to do is register their wallet and receive weekly rewards..

Delirium Gambling Play

The third core system, Delirium Gambling Play, will provide investors with the most thrilling and exciting experience on our platform. Our gambling bay is a system that maximizes profits.


We have big plans for the future of Delirium.
2019 Q4
2020 Q1
2020 Q2
2020 Q3
2020 Q4

Planning Phase one

Pre-sale Delirium start 01/10/2019 stop 01/01/2020.

Planning Phase two

Listing in exchanges, pools, mno, games plataforms

Planning Phase thee

To start reward platform, registered users will receive 2-5% weekly.

Planning Phase four

We added a gambling station for the investor to earn while enjoying the game.

Release of Mobile Application and Coin Synthesis System

Start System Reward Application and Coin Synthesis System.



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