osdd-1b. introject heavy, unknown # of alters, polyfrag, afab, body is a minor (2003) + white.

meet us! & byf


the Names for our fictives aren’t fully
set, we are still sorting stuff out.
& we all respond to eli!

singlet friends, ask to follow. don't be
weird about any of our alters, especially
littles or i (niko) will hit you ^__^

we're all nd and psychotic, some more
than others. ask for alter specific triggers.

blacklist & back

universal triggers!

csa & cocsa, maternal abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, paranoia inducing stuff, incest (especially between siblings), father mentions, threats of abandonment, molesting, kidnapping and the app kik.

catchall is
"eli don(')t look" or "edl"


frequent fronters !

18+ alters identified. not all listed
click names to view! ^__^









host, healing persecutor & fictive, agender, it/he pronouns, ~17, nonhuman(?)

hii im niko..... not really good at talking about myself but ive been told im very kind and understanding! i can be extremely silly once i warm up around you... 's very nice to meet you!

i am a splitroject of vincent fennell, kanae from nijisanji & gentaro yumeno! please don't talk to me about hello charlotte under any circumstance, especially about charles eyler, thank you!



protector, fictive, transmasc,
he/him pronouns, bisexual, ~19

fill this out when youre fronting the next time >__>



Soother, Fictive, Genderfluid, He/She Pronouns, 19-21, MLM

Greetings, my name is Dove. There is not a lot to know about me except that I have a "mysterious" aura and that I am quite fond of birds! Feel free to talk to me about them.

I am a fictional introject of Yukito Orikasa from Idolish7. Please do not act like you know me, thank you. I am okay with my source.

I usually sign off with
the 🕊️ emoji.